Toolbox for Asgaros Forum




After activating Toolbox for Asgaros Forum all functions of the plugin are deactivated by default. This way you have full control over what you want to use and your website will not become unnecessarily slow. 

In the menu of your WordPress website you will only find a menu item with "Toolbox for Asgaros Forum" and the "Dashboard". 


Here you can enable and disable the desired features of Toolbox for Asgaros Forum. 

Custom Menu Manager

Add individual menu entries to the menu of Asgaros Forum or directly overwrite the whole menu and adapt all entries to your needs. 

Custom URL Manager

Replace predefined URL's from Asgaros Forum. You can use this function for example to create your own profile page of your users.

Ultimate Member Integration

Complete the Ultimate Member profile with statistics and activities from the Asgaros forum. This makes it unnecessary to use two profiles at the same time. 

Inline Image Upload

Allow your users to upload pictures directly and insert them into a post at the same time. 

Custom Menu

Custom Menu

This function helps you to add additional menu items to the menu of Asgaros Forum as well as to edit the whole menu and assign individual classes for example. 

Your custom Menu Entries 

In this tab you will find an overview of all created menu entries. With the buttons in the column "Move entry" you can change the order of the menu entries. Don't forget to save the new order with the button "Save order" below the table.

With the button "Edit" you can edit all settings and with the button "Delete" the menu entry is deleted. 

If you activate the setting "Replace menu forum" in the menu settings an overview with all standard entries for the Asgaros forum menu will appear. Using the buttons you can either insert all entries at once or single entries. You can then customize the order as described above. 

Add/Edit Individual menu item


Menu Position 

A new menu item is automatically inserted at the last position. It can be changed later in the overview.

Link Text

This is text that is displayed in the menu. 


Enter here either a complete URL to a page or the slug of the desired page. If you have activated the setting "Replace menu forum" you can use the standard links with the following codes:


You can also add a redirect after logging out to the URL for logging out. Use this code for this:


Menu Class 

If you want to make adjustments to individual entries later using CSS, you can enter a class here. 

Open in new tab 

Determine whether the link should be opened in a new tab or not.  

Show entry to

Define who can see the entry. 

  • All users
  • Only logged in
  • Only logged out

Menu Settings 


Specify the settings for the Custom Menu.

Replace menu forum

Normally, Toolbox for Asgaros Forum simply adds a My Entry at the end of the menu. If this feature is enabled, the existing menu will be overwritten.  

Custom URL

Custom URL

To replace a URL in Asgaros Forum you just have to enter the sulg of the desired page. Usually the page has the title as slug. You can easily see this in your browser. The URL is always structured like this: ""

at the URL for the profile and edit profile you also need the username or the user ID. You can add these to the URL by using "(--username--)" and "(--user-id--)" . 

Login URL (WordPress)

This is the URL for the normal login to WordPress. If you link to the WordPress login page at other places on your website, users will be redirected to the new URL. 

Register URL (WordPress)

Like the login Asgaros Forum uses the registration page of WordPress. A change at this point will affect your whole page. 


Add the URL to your own memberslist here.

Profile URL

The profile is linked at many places in the Asgaros Forum. For example in the memberslist or in every post. By changing here, all links will be redirected to the personalized profile. 

Edit Profile URL

This URL allows users to edit their own profile. If you are not using the Asgaros profile, you should also adapt this URL to your profile.

Integration UM

Ultimate Member Integration

This function helps you to use Ultimate Member in conjunction with Asgaros Forum. It automatically registers a tab in the Ultimate Member menu that shows the activities of the users. 

To display the tab, you need to go to the settings of Ultimate Member. Under "Settings" -> "Appearance" -> "Profile menu" you can activate the new "Post history tab". Here you can also deactivate other tabs if necessary. I usually only use the "About Tab" and "Post History Tab".


To further customize the profile you can use two more shortcuts:


Shows a small statistic with started topics, created answers and received "Like" information.


Shows the last posts of the user.

Inline Image

Inline Image Upload

Max Image size

At this point you can set the maximum size for the individual images. By default 3 MB are set. Please note that the limit of Asgaros Forum does not apply to this feature.

Debug Mode

If you have problems uploading pictures, you can activate this function. This way the reason for the error is displayed when uploading a picture. The exact error messages are only visible for the admin, but not for normal users.